So it seems we’ll be trying a game of Necromunda soon! Jack’s dropped off a bunch of the plastic bulkheads for me to paint and keep safe, plus a bunch of the heavy cardstock walkways and level pieces. He’s got a bunch of gangs and I’ve got a ton of Chaos Cultists that I can proxy.

Here’s where to download the current Necromunda Community Edition, which seems to be what most people are playing with these days.

For some old-school flavor, here’s a ton of collected articles and things from the old days of Necromunda.

Who’s up for a game night of Necromunda, then?

After playing some Blood Bowl with the Wrenster, of course! He’s got 2 or 3 teams, and I’ve got 2 myself…Jack must have 1 or 2 kicking about, too!

And of course Shane will probably want to try Gorkamorka at some point!


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