Brand new painting area

Much more here on my Tiny Plastic Spacemen site 🙂


Royal Mail won’t ship more than 4 paints at a time

Sign this petition! Now this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read today. Royal Mail restrictions now limit people from posting more than 4 post of water-based paints in a package, and each one must be under 150ml. Water-based paint. Water-based. Water. Not cellulose, not alcohol…water. Harmless water.  I know some people don’t like signing petitions, online or…

Guys, you shouldn’t have!

Seriously – you shouldn’t have! Now I’ll have THREE Daemon Princes! I’ll try to not have him swallow TOO many souls of your dead… But really, this is great – best collection of 40th birthday gifts ever! Toy spaceman models and video game stuff 😛

Does anyone need some painting done?

I need to have sample pictures of vehicles and things for my airbrush work, and I need some variety in my ‘portfolio’. So far my only plans for my own vehicles are my red-and-yellow army colors, or Nurgled-out vehicles that are going to be nasty flesh and vomit-green colors. Some stuff with a cool grey,…


So… this could almost be a sub-section in this website, but I have a bit of a bits request. Does anyone have any spare termie backs/bodies? I have so many spares now from my dark angels boxes, but finite amount of backs. I would be happy to do a bits trade for weapons or similar,…