Jack’s Shadowsword

Finally got some wargaming painting done!  

More pictures at Tiny Plastic Spacemen!

This was a painting commission – if you’re interested in having me paint anything for you, drop me an email! frank dot mckinney at gmail dot com is my email, I’m in the UK but can post models wherever they’re needed.

Mini-Apocalypse Multiplayer 40K on the way?

Check out this recent update to the Warhammer rules: 3, 4, or even 5 player games allowing you and your friends to bribe your enemies, hire mercenaries to bolster your armies and carry out all manner of underhand tactics a deck of 36 beautifully illustrated Treachery cards that allow you to employ all sorts of…

Apocalypse formations

Now these look tasty! Just getting prepped for the game in December… This guy has done write-ups of each formation available when playing Apocalypse rules: Part 1 (Dark Angel, Blood Angel, Chaos) Part 2 (Dark Eldar, Eldar, Grey Knight, IG) Part 3 (Necrons, Orks) Part 4 (Space Marines, Space Wolves) In case you don’t know, the formations…

Upcoming Warhammer World Trip: Apocalypse!

 I’ve reserved a table at Warhammer World for an Apocalypse game!  We didn’t get a chance to play last Friday, so I’ve reserved an Apocalypse-size table for us all to play on. Oh what’s that, you say? ‘AN’ Apocalypse-size table? Isn’t there only one (Fort Pain)? NOPE! For there will be TWO! In November ‘Jimigan’s…