Campaign-Style, Fan-Made Kill Team Rules

These are the Necromunda-style Kill Team rules I mentioned on email – GW recently released new official rules but now you have to PAY to get them, for whatever rea$on…anyway, there’s another set of fan-made rules which are meant to be really fun to play…Check them out here

A commenter on Something Awful says this comparing the two sets of rules:

The now official Kill Team rules are basically 40k in 40 minutes with half the points and everyone is a unit plus some extra missions and a one time use skill tree. So, an un-fun version of 40k because you don’t get any cool weapons or defining units.

The unofficial Kill Team rules actually give Kill Team depth and make you want your team to live for reasons other then winning the game. It’s basically 40k Mordheim or 40k X-Com. Individual models level, gain skills, or get injured.


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