Websites to visit

Just a collection of sites I’ve got bookmarked, I’ll add these to the side of the site so they’ll be easy to find in the future.


Video/forum sites

Miniwargaming – A Canadian shop/club that puts up a few videos each week, ranging from funny battle reports to how-to series of how to paint various armies or make different types of terrain. Has a fairly active web forum, plus users can add their own Youtube videos for reports and how-to’s. Mostly 40K-based but lots of Warmachine battle reports also.

Beasts Of War – A UK site with slightly more overweight guys, they concentrate on many different games including 40K, Infinity and others.


(just be careful, not everybody on these know what they’re talking about – typical forums really)

DakkaDakka – lots of tactica advice articles, but not many are updated to 6th edition yet


CoolMiniOrNot – also has a facility to upload pictures of your minis to get voted on


Online Shops
UK shops usually order GW stuff when they receive an order, so the wait can be longer than you like


Terrain and other sundries

Microart Studio – mostly custom terrain and sculpted bits

Monolith Designs – terrain in various scales

Antenocitis Workshop – very nice terrain for 28mm


‘Bitz’ Shops



3 thoughts on “Websites to visit

  1. I’ve used myself and the website does show stock, just make sure they split the shipment and send the stuff thats in stock straight away. My paints came quickly. The models i’ve ordered took about 2 weeks.

    They do however have great discounts for use on the webstore – Generally you will get 10-15% off RRP at GW as standard – Then you get at least 1% (but upto 3% I think) cashback to spend in store next time. They have had a 20% extra off recently which made the models much better value. I think the current deal is a further 15%

    I’ve also used these guys:

    For flocks and basing materials great next day delivery, cheap pricing. ( My cat knocked all my flock onto the lounge carpet last week so had to replace most of it.)

  2. Now I have some time on my hands (or not as the case may be!) I’ll be checking out all of those links and possibly rounding out a small force so I can actually have a game!

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