Starship bases for the Hive Fleet

More pics, plus bigger bases on Tiny Plastic Spacemen!


Finishing up some terrain!

Yay, finally finishing up some terrain that’s been collecting dust for far too long. First up are the (formerly red) silo towers… I added round tops to them because it prevents anything from being stationed on top of them, and doing that was much easier than adding several levels of catwalks, which was my original…

40K Imperium propaganda and magazines

Recently I collected a ton of fan-made Imperial propaganda posters and found a bunch of fake magazine covers, chucked them all on a single sheet of A4 paper and printed them off. I think they come out pretty good! These were inspired by someone’s submission to a painting competition I’m heading up on the Something…

First terrain tutorial

Welp, I did a thing: I recorded this last week while I made these bits of terrain for the Battle of the Davids. I figured since I like making terrain so much, I may as well record it for internet points! Plus it’s an excuse to try a new video editing suite.