We are now the Tabletop Warlords!

Yes! We are re-branding and updating a bit, the new site (with 99% of the same content) is here: http://www.tabletopwarlords.com/  There’s a few new things coming, so head on over to the new site and stay tuned for some cool new announcements!

Play It Painted Pledge!

Saw this on one of the 40K forums I’m on, and thought it would be a pretty cool thing to try to do. Play it painted basically means for this year, I’ll only play games with models that have been painted. I know we all have our own constraints on time and all that, but…

40K podcast: The Independent Characters

Hey guys, just wanted to share this podcast with you all, I’ve been listening to it for a while and even Jack has started listening to it. I usually listen to it while painting (if I’m not watching some Netflix on my phone) and at work. It helps keep my interest up and the guys…

Dark Eldar v Dark Angels…Necromunda-style terrain battle report!

Quick batrep! Haven’t had one in a while, and this was the second game at Jack’s place and the first on the new Necromunda-style terrain! Loads of catwalks, platforms and ladders. Can’t wait to get it all painted!

Initially we were going to do a scenario with the Dark Angels trapped in the Dark Eldar city of Commoragh and they would have to get to a comms unit objective (to allow them to call in reinforcements), but we were running out of time to set everything up, so we did a simple layout with 3 objectives down the middle of the battlefield at 1250 points. No vehicles, just footsloggers!

Dark Angels took Belial with a large Deathwing bodyguard, plus 2 more smaller squads of Deathwing. All would Deep Strike in but only Belial wouldn’t scatter at first.

Dark Eldar took 3 10-man squads of Kabalite Warriors with 1 Splinter Cannon and 1 Shredder each, 20 Hellions, 2 5-man squads of Scourges and a tooled-up Archon with a large cohort of Incubi.