Apocalypse formations

Now these look tasty! Just getting prepped for the game in December… This guy has done write-ups of each formation available when playing Apocalypse rules: Part 1 (Dark Angel, Blood Angel, Chaos) Part 2 (Dark Eldar, Eldar, Grey Knight, IG) Part 3 (Necrons, Orks) Part 4 (Space Marines, Space Wolves) In case you don’t know, the formations…

Guys, you shouldn’t have!

Seriously – you shouldn’t have! Now I’ll have THREE Daemon Princes! I’ll try to not have him swallow TOO many souls of your dead… But really, this is great – best collection of 40th birthday gifts ever! Toy spaceman models and video game stuff 😛

Upcoming Warhammer World Trip: Apocalypse!

 I’ve reserved a table at Warhammer World for an Apocalypse game!  We didn’t get a chance to play last Friday, so I’ve reserved an Apocalypse-size table for us all to play on. Oh what’s that, you say? ‘AN’ Apocalypse-size table? Isn’t there only one (Fort Pain)? NOPE! For there will be TWO! In November ‘Jimigan’s…

Warhammer World Trip Report!

The trip to Warhammer World tday was fun, even if we didn’t get any time to play on the awesome tables that are set up but we spent a lot of time wandering around, buying a few things here and there and enjoying ourselves. Met up with a goon from Something Awful and got far too many White Dwarfs, so plenty of fresh reading material!

…I…took a few pictures: https://plus.google.com/photos/1017…=CImGwYvg5JSRZg

If you’ve been on blogs and whatnot it’s probably everything you’ve seen before but seeing everything in person was really cool.

Some sample photos:

The Belly Buster with a pint of Bugman’s XXXXXX

Mostest Fabulous Birthday Gift!

Got these Horus Heresy novels for my 40th birthday from the folks at work. Luckily 3 of the play 40K with me so the gift idea was pretty easy to think of – then someone had the marvelous idea to get Games Workshop’s Jervis Johnson (game designer for many or all of the GW games,…