2014-15 Hammerfest Apocalypse Game at Warhammer World!

This will be updated over the next couple of days, but here are the pictures from the big 20,000pt Apocalypse game at Warhammer World!


Dark Eldar v Dark Angels…Necromunda-style terrain battle report!

Quick batrep! Haven’t had one in a while, and this was the second game at Jack’s place and the first on the new Necromunda-style terrain! Loads of catwalks, platforms and ladders. Can’t wait to get it all painted!

Initially we were going to do a scenario with the Dark Angels trapped in the Dark Eldar city of Commoragh and they would have to get to a comms unit objective (to allow them to call in reinforcements), but we were running out of time to set everything up, so we did a simple layout with 3 objectives down the middle of the battlefield at 1250 points. No vehicles, just footsloggers!

Dark Angels took Belial with a large Deathwing bodyguard, plus 2 more smaller squads of Deathwing. All would Deep Strike in but only Belial wouldn’t scatter at first.

Dark Eldar took 3 10-man squads of Kabalite Warriors with 1 Splinter Cannon and 1 Shredder each, 20 Hellions, 2 5-man squads of Scourges and a tooled-up Archon with a large cohort of Incubi.

I must be doing something right…

The Kabalite Warriors I painted last month won a prize! 3rd place in the Oath thread The judge said: “From a purely artistic standpoint, I have to give props to anyone that can take those horrible retro Dark Eldar and make them look good. That aside, your scheme is pretty awesome, and for that you’ve…

Batrep: Dark Angels defend against Dark Eldar Raid!

Defensive Stand! Hammertime: 8th November 1500 points Dark Angels – Jack Librarian (Warlord) with Terminators 7 Terminators in Land Raider Crusader 2 squads of Tactical Marines, combat-squadded 5 Scouts Predator Whirlwind Vindicator Dark Eldar – Frank and ‘Touched by Evil’ Shane Baron Sarthonyx (Warlord) with Hellions Haemonculus (with Scissorhands) with 8 Incubi Haemonculus (with no…

BatRep: Dark Eldar vs Blood Spectres & Space Wolves!

Hammertime: 30th October 1250 points Space Marine Relictors (Blood Angels) – Shane 2 squads of Assault Marines with Sanguinary Priest Captain (Warlord) with Iron Halo Space Wolves Allies – David W Runepriest psyker Squad of Grey Hunters (very CC-oriented, with bolters as well) Squad of Longfangs (Devastators) Dark Eldar – Frank Archon (Warlord) with Huskblade…