Upcoming projects

Without buying any new stuff (hopefully!), here’s what I’ve got planned for the next few weeks/months Army projects: Finish painting Plague Marines Finish painting metal Chaos Terminators (black/gold for Abaddon bodyguards?) paint remaining Khorne Berzerkers convert & paint Dark Vengeance Dark Angel Terminators to Nurgle Terminators fix & paint Kharn paint Abaddon paint Horus fix…


So what did you get for HammerMas? Any good HammerLoot? Here’s what I got: 🙂 Post what you got in a separate post, so we can comment on each new bit of coolness! (and don’t worry, I won’t use this cute guy unless someone else has flyers or at least Skyfire weapons)

Batrep: Hammerfest!

It has GONE DOWN! The first HAMMERFEST is HISTORY! Hammertime: 18th December 1000 points each Blood Angels/Relictors – Shane Mephiston (Warlord) 2 squads of Assault Marines (w/o jump packs), with Sanguinary Priests 2 Land Speeders Dreadnought Chaos Space Marines – Frank Typhus (Warlord) 3 Chaos Terminators 7 Plague Marines with Melta and Flamer 7 Chaos Space…

Chaos Spawn

Here are the Chaos Spawn that debuted last night! I think I might make more, since I have so many Tyranid bits and they are kinda fun to make… The Usual Suspects (that want to rip you to bits) Close-ups: Mr. Maw Huggles The Tall Faceless One Tickleberry Hippety-Hoppity

Possessed Space Marine Update

I found out after I finished the Possessed I did last week that Tzeentch is actually more purple and blue, rather than purple and green, so Sunday night I went over the purple Possessed I did. The Nurgle guys needed to be a bit more green also, so I hit them with a heavy green…