Jack’s Shadowsword

Finally got some wargaming painting done!  

More pictures at Tiny Plastic Spacemen!

This was a painting commission – if you’re interested in having me paint anything for you, drop me an email! frank dot mckinney at gmail dot com is my email, I’m in the UK but can post models wherever they’re needed.

Cultists done!

Actually, no, I’m going to add some grass bits to some of them, but yeah they’re about 95% done now. Update: NOW they’re all done! The bases really bring them together. They’re even the first models I’ve varnished, and a few of them have dead grass tufts to a few of the guys for a…

The big building is complete

Finally! After months of it being just a pink and white monster, we now have a bit of personality for the sucker. And some more detail pictures of it: The foam and papier mache’ craters are complete also (with more to come) And the small ruins are finished too. And finally I repainted the GW…