Escalation and Stronghold Assault Run-Down

Some details of Escalation (I know at least one or two of us have this already!):


-It’s super-heavies in regular 40K games.
-A single super-heavy is a Lords of War detachment.
-The super-heavy must be one which can be chosen by your primary detachment. No allying in a super-heavy.
-Unlike FW’s Lords of War in 30K games, there is no points restriction.
-Reprints the rules for super-heavies and Apoc-type weaponry. No apparent changes from Apoc.
-In missions where you can take super-heavies, if you have a super-heavy and your opponent does not, you get +1 on the roll to seize.
-There are a couple of downsides. First, every 3 wounds or hull points you knock off a super-heavy count as 1 VP.
-Also, if your opponent has a Lords of War detachment, you can roll on the Lords of War warlord table – chock full of bonuses for your warlord (and sometimes his unit) for killing super-heavies. Some are better than others (and dependent on your warlord’s build – you’re not going to want to have Armorbane and Fleshbane on a Guard company commander, nor twin-linked ranged fire on your klaw-boss…)
-Most armies only have one available unit. Imperials do NOT get to take each other’s Lords of War.
-Marines get the Thunderhawk Gunship. IG get several different Baneblade variants. ‘Crons get their new stuff (Obelisk, Vault, Transcendent C’tan). Daemons and Chaos Marines both get the big Khorne guy. Orks get Stompas. DE and Eldar both get the Revenant Titan. Tau get the Tiger Shark, the world’s worst flier. ‘nids get the Harridan.
-Strength D weapons ARE present and are exactly the same as in Apoc. But there aren’t many units with them… one of the IG tanks, the Thunderhawk, and the ‘crons can get a Hellstorm template with it. Big winner here is the Revenant – FOUR pulsar shots, each large blast strength D. Ouch!

There’s nothing in these rules saying “optional” or “expansion”…

IG – Baneblade, banehammer, banesword, doomhammer, hellhammer, shadowsord, stormlord, stormsword
SM – Thunderhawk
Chaos – Khorne Lord of Skulls
Ork – Stompa
Eldar and Dark Eldar – Revenant Titan
Tau – Tigershark
Nids – Harridan

Escalation Warlord Traits are for the army opposin the Lord of War
1. warlord and unit are twin linked vs the LoW
2. Warlord gets preferred enemy LoW
3. Your warlords melee attacks have armourbane and fleshbane vs a LoW
4. all enemy attacks vs your warlord and his unit that roll on the D weapon, thunderblitz or stomp tables have a -1
5. while your warlord is alive your deepstriking units won’t scatter if placed within 6” of the LoW
6. one use only make the warlord and his unit have ap1 and rending for a shooting phase vs a LoW

Stronghold Assault:

  • -Fortification rules.
  • -Several changes to the default rules for fortifications. Units can assault when leaving fortifications, emplaced weapons can autofire even if nobody is in them, fortifications can be captured. LOTS of changes to how battlements work, and the new rules are a lot clearer (basically “treat them as ruins and as one big access point to the building”). Damage table changed a bit, mostly to accommodate the changes to battlements and to allow the LOL massive fortifications with a -1 on the damage table. THESE rules are labeled as optional.
  • -Most buildings can take additional upgrades, such as extra barricades, barbed wire, tank traps, comm relays, quad guns, etc. Void shield for 25 points. BS3 autofire for 30 points.

-Individual changes:

  • Aegis and Bastion unchanged aside from having access to the extras.
  • “Imperial Strongpoint” with 1-3 bastions, 1-5 Aegis, 0-1 Skyshields, and 0-1 Honored Imperium as a single fort choice.
  • “Honored Imperium” includes all three of the bits from that kit. Statue still hands out fearless, the eagle and window thingy hand out Stubborn. Hm…
  • Rules for the Wall of Martyrs. 80 points, works like an Aegis with no weapon option, but units in one get Stubborn.
  • Also with a Defense Emplacement version with just the emplacements for 40 points. Heavy weapons in one of these can reroll Overwatch (meh).
  • Wall of Martyrs bunker, 55 points. “Wide fire points” mean eight models can fire out, not too shabby. Can take all the upgrades too.
  • Firestorm Redoubt, “Extra wide fire point” means six models can fire out. Quite a bit nastier with the rules changes, especially if you give it the magos machine spirit – 4x TL skyfire/interceptor lascannons is not to be sneezed at, even if they are autofire-only. Still pricey though.
  • Can take the Vengeance Weapon Battery with a quad icarus lascannon, still 75 points, can still take 2.
  • “Wall of Martyrs Defense Network” – 1=3 bunkers, 1-4 lines, 1-3 emplacements, 0-2 firestorm, 0-2 vengeance, all one choice…
  • NEW fort, “Promethium Relay Pipes” – think an Aegis made of gas lines. Blow up on 1/6 of successful cover saves for burny fun (i.e. it’s a crappy defense line). Notable because any non-vehicle unit with a flamer within 2″ can fire it as a Torrent. Helloooo, Burna Boyz. Did not actually say “unit that is not embarked on a vehicle”… Interesting choice for 40 points.
  • NEW fort, “Void Shield Generator”. 50 points, building with no capacity except battlements (and “only” AV13). Projects a void shield out 12″. Can buy two extra void shields for 25 points each.
  • “Void Relay Network”, 1-3 Promethium Relay Pipes, 1-3 Void Shield Generators, 0-1 Honored Imperium. That’s right, folks, you can multi-layer these bastards. Now you can take your vulnerable stuff and protect it inside NINE void shields for the low low price of 300 points…
  • Skyshield is the same excepting a special rule (for 5 points) allowing you to start a flyer on it instead of from reserve… but it has to hover the first turn. Not sure this is actually a good idea, but eh, it’s fluffy.
  • Fortress of Redemption is mostly the same, except another 10 points gets you the “remote fire” special rule. Models in the central area can fire the guns in the other areas. Not too shabby.
  • The two Apoc ones are also present, though nothing is saying “for Apocalypse”. Strength D weapons on each (also 500+ points cost…)


Bunker Assault: The defender nominates a single fortification as having a Targeting Augur, which lets the defender occupying it/in base contact with use an Artillery Strike (infinite trange, S9, AP3, ordnance 1, barrage, large blast, scatters fucking everywhere). The attacker gains 3 VP if they occupy the array, destroy it, or are contesting/scoring within 3″. Additional VP is gained from destroying an enemy unit and destroying fortifications.

Breakthrough: Defender places 3 objectives in their deployment zone. These are 3 VP each to the defender, but nothing to the attacker. Instead, they gain d3 victory points for every one of their units that is in the enemy’s deployment zone, or has exited the battlefield through the defender’s deployment zone (special rule in the mission allows them to exit this way and not count as destroyed). Linebreaker is also worth 2 VP to the attacker.

Last Stand: One of those annoying piecemeal arrival missions. The defender only has 3 infantry units at the beginning, and everything else is held in reserve. These are the Last Stand Survivors and are worth d3 VP if they are completely destroyed (which could be trivial to do). Reserves for the defender come in at turn 2, but they are modified depending on their type and grow steadily easier to arrive as the game goes on (it’s easier for fast attack to come in than troops or heavies). Flyers and Flying MCs count as Fast Attack on this chart regardless of the slot they take up.


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