Finishing up some terrain!

Yay, finally finishing up some terrain that’s been collecting dust for far too long.

First up are the (formerly red) silo towers…

I added round tops to them because it prevents anything from being stationed on top of them, and doing that was much easier than adding several levels of catwalks, which was my original plan. 

These were taken upstairs with the idea being to not bring them back down for use until they were complete, so after several months away they’re back! I’ll probably add hazard stripes or something to them so there’s a bit more substance, and maybe some other stuff to help them ‘pop’.


And then there’s the boarded-up tin shack which was a test in using old cardboard…

This one is a bit more complete than the silo towers, but there’s just one or two more things to do to finish it. I just need to paint the boards going over the windows and door, and figure out what to put on the sign – I’m thinking “Max’s V8 Repair” as an ode to Mad Max and his V8 Interceptor.


7 thoughts on “Finishing up some terrain!

    • Ah that was super easy to make! Just strip down old cardboard to get the corrugated bit in between the outer sheets of paper (I used a box that had sat outside for weeks and weeks, getting wet and drying out over and over) – I cut the cardboard out of that and just eyeballed all the fit, then hot-glued it together. The boards over the window and the signs are cut from a cereal board box. It’s been assembled for a year or so but I only got around to basing it last night!

      I should make a video on how to do it, it’s super easy! And practically free.

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