Second squad of Chaos Terminators done

Finally finished these guys! That’s 2 squads of Chaos termies ready to go 🙂

Of course I still have 10 Dark Vengeance Deathwing guys left to convert…boohoohoo!

More pictures on Tiny Plastic Spacemen


4 thoughts on “Second squad of Chaos Terminators done

  1. These guys look great! Love how you’ve done the highlights for the legs and arms. This is my biggest problem painting things like space marines etc is that they have those big hard to highlight surfaces. Nicely done.

    • Thanks! Check out the other blog for more pictures – the highlights were easy: I didn’t do any! well apart from the pre-shading (also called zenithal highlighting) with an airbrush. I’m working on a post on how it works, see my post for the 20 Chaos Marines for a step-by-step. Basically I didn’t have to do any drybrushing or wash, as the black & grey primer handled all the shading for me. Makes painting way faster!

      • I’ve got another squad of space marines about to get ready for painting, plus a vehicle (I hope), which I’ll do the zenithal highlighting on for sure, but before that I’m painting up a team of Blood Bowl orks in the same fashion, so I’ll use them as an example – look for it soon!

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