Back in Black

Despite not being of the Chaos persuasion, nor having read much of the fluff, I found this explanation of Abaddon’s motivation and back story interesting – especially as he seems to come in for a lot of flakk from the fanboys:

Hmm, might read some more of the Black Library books after all…

Of course Logan could take him with one arm behind his back!

One thought on “Back in Black

  1. Pretty good read! I don’t normally read ADB’s blog but what I’ve read from it is pretty interesting.

    What I was told about the Horus Heresy novels is to read the first 3 in order, then skip around as you like. The 4th book, Flight of the Eisenstein, is alright, it’s definitely in chronological order but not necessary. Basically ADB and Abnett are the 2 best authors in the Black Library, the rest are either passable or just bad. I don’t know how the guys that wrote the 2nd and 3rd books in the HH are rated, but by the time I finished Flight of the Eisenstein I was a bit tired of the writing style that is probably meant to appeal to teenage boys.

    The book I lent you, the Eisenhorn omnibus, is not about Space Marines at all, it’s about an Inquisitor but is very well done. I plan to read Ravenor, a related series, next – I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about most of the Black Library stuff and will probably stick only to Abnett, ADB and only the most highly-rated authors. The one I have about the Grey Knights, The Emperor’s Gift, is interesting though, if only to give a bit of background of how a company of Space Marines operates before and after combat.

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