40K Imperium propaganda and magazines

Recently I collected a ton of fan-made Imperial propaganda posters and found a bunch of fake magazine covers, chucked them all on a single sheet of A4 paper and printed them off. I think they come out pretty good! These were inspired by someone’s submission to a painting competition I’m heading up on the Something Awful web forums, and some of the magazine covers came from a futuristic magazine cover thread from the same forums. The other magazine covers came from magazines that were designed for the Blade Runner movie, so there’s a nice mix of proper retro-cyberpunk and more modern styling. Plus, many of the propaganda posters are straight from authentic-looking WW2 designs.

The magazines are just about 8-9mm tall, the perfect size for 28-30mm models, and you can see the posters are in various sizes ready to mount on walls and buildings everyhwere.

Here’s a preview of the sheet, click to get the full-size one (300dpi, ready for printing on A4 sheet – it might get cut off slightly on US letter-size)


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