Warmachine Night 2

Second game night of Warmachine last night! Even though our first night was many months ago (February I think?) I think we picked up the rules pretty quickly. The clarity of the WM rules really helped speed things along, there’s not much ambiguity in the rules compared to 40K and when there were questions the War Room app or the rulebook really cleared things up pretty easily.


Menoth – David B
Cryx – Frank

Table setup was symmetrical to keep things simple and fair, Menoth won deployment and set up first, Cryx were set up directly opposite, with warjacks on one side and troopers on the other. Since this was a training game we didn’t want to make things too complicated!

Menoth ended up winning by taking out the Cryx warcaster Deneghra after some tactical blunders and just one instance of what we’ll call ‘a bad roll’ – due to the way the game works it’s not as random as 40K and is much more a game of chess, it seems like losing is more a matter of making mistakes than a handful of bad rolls.

Overall it was a good night!

One thought on “Warmachine Night 2

  1. It was an interesting game, my major mistake was not thinking ahead properly about what spells to cast and where to put my Focus points, and my Machine Wraith never got close to taking over a warjack because I was hanging him back too far from the Menoth warcaster’s magic weapon. If I’d thought about it a bit more it could have been a little different. Also, I could have done a double-handed throw but rolled a 1 when I needed a much higher roll, but the mistakes ended up costing more than any roll.

    I ended up losing because Deneghra was hit with the big gun twice from the biggest Menoth warjack (can’t remember what it’s called) and the Menoth warcaster finished her off with a massive roll from some spell.

    Coming from playing 40K once a week on average over the past year, the difference in the rules is amazing. Apart from looking up how different things worked (like throwing, cloud effect, etc.), there were only a couple of rules we really had to search for (e.g., can charge rolls be boosted) and ANY question of ‘how does this rule work, really’ was immediately clarified by just reading a bit more of the context of the rule (for the previous example, no rolls can be boosted more than once). It really is a clearly laid out ruleset.

    The hardest thing to get used to (apart from learning new tactical stuff) was not premeasuring and doing actions for one model at a time. I really liked how absolutely clear and concise the rules are for everything.

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