Who’s up for Hammerswap?!

With the first round of the campaign wrapping up, I’ve had an idea that we should do a few games where we play armies that we don’t usually use. For instance, Jack has a few Orks, maybe David B can dig out his Tau or whoever’s interested can borrow someone else’s army – someone could borrow my Dark Eldar or Chaos Marines, for example.

I think there should only be a couple of rules:

  1. both armies have to be borrowed or new so neither side has the advantage of knowing rules or tactics
  2. proxying is fine if you want to try something no one has
  3. the list should be an ‘all-comers’ list that isn’t tailored for any particular army

Who’s up for it? I’ve got a mystery army that I’m itching to play…1000 pts, anyone?


2 thoughts on “Who’s up for Hammerswap?!

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