First terrain tutorial

Welp, I did a thing:

I recorded this last week while I made these bits of terrain for the Battle of the Davids. I figured since I like making terrain so much, I may as well record it for internet points! Plus it’s an excuse to try a new video editing suite.


3 thoughts on “First terrain tutorial

  1. The expressive hands made me laugh…sorry! 🙂

    Great video – Sticky back plastic and Tracy Island here we come! Watch out Blue Peter, Franks coming!

    • Had to do something on camera – there’s no face to look at!

      I will probably re-make the video with a voiceover, just to make it better, I was a bit rushed and didn’t know how to use the software very well so I forgot a few things here and there.

      • I know…I know, and I think it works well with the expressions. It sort of reminds me of Art Attack when I was a kid thats all. I’m sure they’ll get more polished.

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