More terrain nearly finished

Have been airbrushing terrain lately, here’s what I’ve got completed!

Above is a set of small cargo containers, suitable for spaceship transport across the light years. These are the smallest Really Useful Boxes, you can get them on ebay for about £1 each in packages of 10 or so. Primered in grey, then preshaded, painted in different colors and then shaded over again. I might try freehanding in some identification markings but they already look pretty good and add a nice bit of color on the table.

This can be an atmosphere processing unit, power generator or a sewage pump, whatever you like. It’s some piece of plumbing I found in a field (really!), which I primered in grey, then made my first practice piece of terrain with the airbrush. I really messed it up at first, so I primered it again then did the preshading, silver color, rust marks and then the green radiation/sewage drips – all with the airbrush.

I’ve got quite a lot more I want to do the with airbrush – it makes some things very quick to do (like primering indoors, without having to go outside, heat up the can, etc., as well as doing weathering like stains and such) but with that extra ‘free’ time I’m tempted to add more detail like lettering and graffiti, but I think that level of detail will have to wait until we get a good amount of fully painted terrain on the table. I want to fix up the factories with external details in cardstock, then paint and weather them, then I’ll start on fixing the water tower so it doesn’t fall apart, and add walkways and weathering to the red storage silos.

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