Our First Hammerteam Mini-Tournament!

Welcome to our first Hammerteam Mini-Tournament!

This was originally planned to have all 5 of us, but snowy conditions forced Jack’s Dark Angels to abort their Deep Strike attempts, so we carried on with the other four of us doing Kill Team games against all the others. We used the rules for Kill Team released by GW a couple months ago, which presented us with new, fun challenges.

The relevant rules for Kill Team are:

  • 200 points
  • No HQ unit
  • 0-1 Elite
  • 0-2 Troops
  • 0-1 Fast Attack
  • No Reserves, Scout or Infiltrate allowed (so no Flyers)
  • All models operate as individual units
  • 3 models are given USR (Universal Special Rule) such as Rage, Armourbane, Counterattack, etc.
  • 1 model (generally the sergeant/champion) is the Leader and gets bonuses after each battle
  • The winner is the commander with the most victory points after all battles

So without further ado let’s dive into the battles!

Space Wolves v Necrons

From the Space Wolves perspective

With our deployment and David’s infiltrate ability in use, I found myself surrounded by greater numbers of Necrons. David took out a marine with his Immortals for first blood and I was able to retaliate with my dreadnought & plasma specialist to balance things before the flayed ones reached me.

A couple of marines charged around the hill in the middle to engage the scarabs with one making it into combat – to prevent it going after Thorgrimr.

With the flayed ones assaulting my grey hunters I managed to kill one before falling to their greater numbers.

 The scarabs not held back by my grey hunter did what they do best, charged forward and munched on Thormrimr’s ankles to remove 3 points of armour all the way round! The timer ended here, with no decisive blow dealt to either side and no one claiming the objective.

From the Necrons perspective:

The Dreadnought is a very imposing opponent when you only have 200 pts to play with! I ignored the objective thinking heading for it directly was a sure thing to get my squads killed in close combat.
A lucky 1-0 Win due to First Blood and a over zealous Marine or two Winking smile was just that…lucky! I found out after, the infiltrate rule didn’t apply so this game may have turned out slightly differently.
Result: 1-0 Necron win

Relictors v Chaos Space Marines

From the Chaos perspective

Relictors won the deployment roll-off and placed their troops behind the hill for total cover. First turn, the Relictors moved up and wasted attacks from 2 troopers and the Land Speeder trying to take out my one cultist with a heavy weapon – then the Spawn swooped in up and over the hill to deny the objective and luckily killed the Land Speeder in the first round. With T6 and 3 wounds each the Spawn would be pretty hard to knock out, and initially I wanted to hold my Cultists back because they are quite weak.

I had to move the Cultists up eventually, into the cover of the ruins, to mitigate the possibility of them getting wiped out by the Death Company. Luckily for me the Relictors didn’t advance to get rapid fire, but still a few did get taken out.

By the time the 30 minutes were up the Cultists were pushing forward but with 12″ move and Move Through Cover the Spawn were just about to assault the remaining marines (above) before time was up.

Result: 5-1 Chaos win

Relictors v Space Wolves

From the Space Wolves Perspective:

Deploying onto the same table, but on the opposite side from the last battle, I thought I would copy David’s tactic (gunline behind the low wall for cover in case I lost the first turn), which seemed to work quite well. Shane’s deployment and early moves left his landspeeder out in the open – far too tempting for Thorgrimr to ignore, some lucky rolling meant it didn’t last long, which was a relief as I didn’t want it hassling my Grey Hunters.

My Plasma gunner took out Shane’s leader, returning the favour – my leader came under fire from a hail of bullets (8 hits) and survived them all. Shane’s Death company closed ranks, swarmed over the objective and charged, with the plasma gunner misfiring nearly killing himself – only his feel no pain saving him!

One of Shane’s specialists charged my leader and they managed to kill each other! Although no one claimed the objective both sides took heavy casualties ending 6-2 to space wolves.

 Result: 6-2 to Space Wolves

Necrons v Chaos 

From the Necron perspective:
Squad adjusted on the fly to compensate for what I thought was a issue with the first squad was a bad idea. The Destroyers were heavy on the points and although really tough for Frank to take out, didn’t add anything to my team as it tied up my firepower in only 3 models instead of 8. It left me with very little to stop the Cultists doing what they were brought to do and Frank took a convincing Win.
not the greatest action picture, but you can see the Spawn on either side of the hill
and the Cultists climbing the lower edge of the hill
From the Chaos perspective:
Allowed David B some time to adjust his force due to a misunderstanding of the Infiltrate rules (not being allowed for Kill Team), then Necrons deployed first and I put my Cultists well behind the cover of the central hill and the petrified tree.
I kept the Spawn behind the hill so they can use their Move Through Cover to just clamber over the hill towards the trees where the Immortals were. By sheer luck I happened to have some Cultists that were stuck behind the hill (moving them wouldn’t have gotten them into shooting range with their pistols), so I used them to climb the hill. By the end of the game they were controlling the objective while the Necrons were swamped with Spawn, who had taken out some of the Immortals and a couple of the Destroyers (who were specialists), netting me lots of VPs.
Result: 8-0 Chaos win
Space Wolves v Chaos 
From the Chaos perspective:
Chaos lost the deployment roll-off again, so the Cultists and Spawn started behind the the central hill again.
I was worried about the huge number of weapons on the dreadnought, but with so many points and weapons tied up in one model it wasn’t as bad as I thought – I gave up First Blood to the Wolves but using the same tactics as in the last game against the Necrons I moved many Cultists over the hill to move on the objective.
Most of the Spawn moved around the other side of the hill towards the bulk of the Space Wolves and engaged as many of them as possible so they wouldn’t be able to shoot. One Spawn (a specialist) tried to assault the dreadnought but failed his assault roll so he got shot up the following turn. After this, the dreadnought was only able to kill one model at a time, which was handy because none of them were my Specialist anyway.
With time running low, a Space Wolf specialist climbed the hill to deny the objective, but with the timer beeping the last attack roll was made to kill him by the 5 Cultists on top of the hill – they killed him and that was 5 more Victory Points for Chaos!
From the Space Wolves Perspective:

Again on the same table, starting the same side as battle 2, I chose to deploy in the same position – which was a mistake I realised as soon as Frank deployed. All of his troops were in cover, had I swapped sides, he would have been forced to deploy mostly in open ground – with the majority of his force having little or no armour save, I could’ve really capitalised on it! I managed to win first blood by killing a cultist early on and my Dreadnought singled out another cultist armed with an autocannon. Frank followed up with his Chaos spawn although I managed to take out one with the Dreadnought and moved his cultists into position on the objective. I moved a couple of marines into contention for the objective and got sucked into fending off the remaining spawn.

The cultists managed to claim the victory by sheer weight of numbers taking down the two marines holding the objective, the spawn mopped up a few more victory points by taking out my leader and a bodyguard in close combat.

Result: 6-2 Chaos win
Necrons v Relictors
from the Necron perspective:
I reverted back to the original squad and ignored the infiltrate rule this time. Having suffered a heavy loss I was prepared for more of the same and instead thought I’d change my cautious objective approach of the two previous games and just go all out and defend the objective. Although Shane got First Blood with the Speeder it succumbed to a combination of armour eating Scarabs and Gauss fire the turn after. My higher firepower then told on the Marine squad with the Flayed Ones mopping up the rest. The Relictors then failed there first leadership test and fled the field.
14-1 Win to the Necrons

Victory Point Totals: 

16 – Chaos Space Marines
15 – Necrons (14 points from the last game!)
8 – Space Wolves
4 – Relictors

2 thoughts on “Our First Hammerteam Mini-Tournament!

  1. Making a viable list for this series of battles was very challenging! I have to admit I got a bit (OK, a lot) of help online, and some very tactical placement of the central hills let me use my Chaos Spawn to their full effect (12″ move, Move Through Cover). Got a little lucky with Shane making a couple of mistakes in the first game, then David sunk a lot of points into his Destroyers in the second game, and by the time the third game came around I sort of had a ‘tactic’ I could lean on. This setup was really interesting because we couldn’t watch the other game right next to us to see what the other guys were doing, because we were so busy with our own game!

    The super-limited points, unique rules and tight time limit really made this interesting, different and fun! Definitely want to do it again.

  2. Really enjoyed the tournament, with the fast paced action, felt a bit like speed chess or something! As usual I should’ve been more positive about going for the objectives and smarter with my deployment rather than getting sucked into fights around the fringes – with fewer models on the table than everyone else I needed to make them count!

    Was good to see everyone else’s tactics up close and in quick succession, seeing what worked and what didn’t, I’m sure we’ll all be much better generals for it!

    Can’t wait to play it again!

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