New site design!

Yeah – you may have noticed a new site design – this is to make it quicker to load for everyone. The main difference is that when you come to the site you’ll see that the latest 5 batreps are on the front page now, without a million pictures loading, and there are a few other posts showing on the front page – but not everything that’s been posted recently.

The trade-off for this cleanliness is that posting batreps and things requires just a little bit of extra work but it’s not difficult at all, I swear!

The only things that will show on the front page right now are 4 topics:

  • Battle Reports
  • 40K News
  • Campaign stuff
  • Painted (finished) models

Only battle reports will show in the main section, with the big picture area. The other three topics will show below the main area, in the section with the 3 columns.

So, how do we make things show up properly? Easy, there are just TWO STEPS.

First, TAG your post with one of these four tags:

  • batrep
  • 40K News
  • campaign
  • painted

When you make a new post you’ll see the ‘Tags’ section just underneath the ‘Categories’ section on the right side of the window. Just type in the word or phrase above

Next, for batreps you MUST upload a picture (called a ‘Featured Image’), otherwise it won’t show on the front page. For the other types of posts adding a picture is quite nice but not necessary (although for painted models a picture on the front page is pretty cool). To upload a Featured Image, when you’re making a new post:

  1. First, resize the picture a bit – most cameras and even phones take pictures that are 4mb or larger – scale it down if you can! (If you’ve uploaded the picture to Imgur, it gives you a smaller version automatically – just drag this from the web browser to your desktop. Make sure the file name ends with a lowercase L, as in mtW23l.jpg)
  2. Scroll down and on the right side of the page you’ll see the ‘Featured Image’ section
  3. Click ‘Set Featured Image’
  4. Click ‘Upload Image’ under ‘Set Featured Image’
  5. Drag the picture from your computer desktop or memory card folder onto the WordPress window in your browser
  6. Then click the blue button and that has set the Featured Image

That’s it – you do it once and it’s easy to remember the next time.

Of course, let this serve as a reminder that when you’ve finished painting something – post it! You can upload pictures to the blog (but it’s better if you use a hosted image thing like Imgur, Flickr, Google/Picasa, etc. so the site doesn’t run out of space). Then you can post it, set a featured image and have it on the front page of the site 🙂


3 thoughts on “New site design!

  1. Its very different, I didn’t have a problem with the older design, but finding posts after long Bat-Reps was a pain.

    Looks good – Clean and easy to navigate. Thumbs Up! 🙂

    • Yeah the newer style of batreps can have 40-60 pictures! I’ll move the search box and categories things around so those are easier to get to once you’re past the first page.

      One of the main things to remember if you’re making a post is to use all the appropriate categories (40k news, campaign, etc.), and if there isn’t a category, to add any tags you think are appropriate. These are all searchable and you can filter all your search results just by using those.

      The only exception to these are the 4 tags I mentioned in the post (batrep, campaign, 40k news, painted) – these are categories but for them to show on the front page the post MUST be tagged, and in the case of batreps a featured picture has to be uploaded. I’m aware I’m doing the most posts and doing most of the batreps, but once you’ve done it once you’ll see how easy it is.

      • There’s also a thing David W showed me that allows you to insert a ‘read more’ link, so if you click ‘batrep’ or ‘Battle Report’ on the sidebar you don’t see all pictures, just the first couple of paragraphs.

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