Batrep: Blood Spectres v Chaos Space Marines!

Hammertime: 29th November

1000 points each

Blood Angels/Relictors – Shane
2 10-man squads of Assault Marines, with Sanguinary Priests
Land Speeder with Multi-Melta
in Reserve: 1 10-man squad of Assault Marines, with Captain (Warlord)

Chaos Space Marines – Frank
Kharne the Betrayer (Warlord)
11 Khorn Berzerkers
20 Cultists
4 Terminators with Combi-Bolter and Power Maul
5 Possessed
Hellbrute with Multi-Melta and Power Fist
Forgefiend with Hades Autocannons
*Most of the CSM forces were left completely ‘stock’ with no options.

  • 4×6 table as usual
  • Purge the Alien scenario for pure kill points
  • Random terrain density, fairly light with the newly updated water tower (now climbable!) in the middle
  • This was primarily a way to get Frank used to using his CSM

Because the CSM forces weren’t ready, Blood Angels were invited to deploy and go first.

CSM didn’t Steal the Initiative!




Both squads of Assault Marines moved up, and the Land Speeder popped out from behind cover.

The Land Speeder got off a couple of shots with its multi-melta and glanced on the Forgefiend, taking it down to 2 Hull Points! The Assault Marines are only armed with pistols so they were out of range.


The forces of Chaos move up! The Chaos commander had forgotten to deploy his Possessed, so they had to take the long way and come around the hill. Everyone took shots, with the Helbrute forgoing his multi-melta so he could assault. The Chaos Terminators fired their Combi-bolters so they couldn’t assault! The Cultists and Khorne Berzerkers were armed with pistols, so they could fire and assault. The Forgefiend forgot his weapons are Heavy 4, so he only fired once with each, rolling 1s!

The Cultists fire and assault! They don’t last long, though, and are driven away and killed when the loyalists attack back!

Then Kharn and his Berzerker followers attack from the other side!

A few of the Berzerkers are killed while Kharn calls out the loyalist sergeant for single combat

The Chaos Terminators have taken out a few of the Assault Marines on the other flank, the Helbrute wades in and clobbers a few of them with his power fist. The loyalists reassemble and prepare their counterattack!

The Forgefiend rolls for its It Will Not Die rule, and gets back his missing Hull Point!

The updated water tower – just a beauty shot!


The Blood Angel reserves come in! No scatter, exactly where they wanted to. Meanwhile, the first squad of Assault Marines form up behind the Helbrute to unload their weapons! Unfortunately, the bolter pistols do nothing and the Multi-Melta and everything else miss.

But the Land Speeder shoots him in the back, exploding the Helbrute!

The Assault Marines form up and the close combat with the Khorne Berzerkers carries on!


The Chaos Terminators move in for the assault!

The Khorne Berzerkers have been whittled down, but the Assault Marine numbers are lowering too – who’s going to win this?

Well with the Possessed moving in, there won’t be much of a question…


That Sanguinary Priest isn’t going to last long at this rate!

The Terminator Champion is taken down, but a couple of the Assault Marines go down as well!

Unfortunately for the Blood Angels, the Assault Marines that arrive by Deep Strike fail to roll far enough for their jump assault move, and they’re stuck in place!


With the Sanguinary Priest dispatched, the Possessed carry on, shouting and howling! The Khorne Berzerkers do their best to match the beastly screams!

TURNS 4-5 (we got a bit lost among all the assaults…)

The fresh squad of Assault Marines jump in and do a Hammer of Wrath attack on the Chaos Terminators, then attack! The Terminators hold their ground, letting the attacks hammer and bounce off their armor!

Unfortunately one of the Terminators goes down, and they fail to hold their ground! They try to fall back but are surrounded and chopped to bits!


Right after the Terminators are killed the Possessed Space Marines are able to close the gap and swarm in!

Kharn’s plasma pistol kills four of the Assault Marines in the squad from Reserves, and the pistol fire from the remaining Berzerkers take a wound off the Blood Angel Captain. The Possessed then wipe out the remaining members of the original Assault Marine squad as the other squad prepares for the assault from Kharn!

Accompanied by a mighty clash of chain swords and screams of battle cries, Kharn’s axe Gorechild bites into the captain!

The Captain loses another wound in the warlord-to-warlord single combat  as the Assault Marines lose another of their brethren!

We rolled to see if the game would carry on, and it would have, but it was getting late and we called the game at this point.


Chaos Space Marines: 3 (3 kill points)
Blood Angels: 3 (First Blood, 2 kill points)

Technically a draw, but there were only 6 Assault Marines and the Captain with 1 wound left, facing an undamaged Kharn, 4 Berzerkers and 3 Possessed – plus the Forgefiend! So over the next couple of turns the forces of Chaos would have gotten another 2 or 3 kill points, and given up 1 or 2.

THOUGHTS ON THE BATTLE from Frank: I knew Shane would have a lot of assault troops, so I went assault-heavy as well, except for the Forgefiend with his Hades Autocannons (36″, S8, Heavy 4). Luckily Shane took a wee Land Speeder so the little guy would have someone to play with! In turn 2 we were right into the assaults, which went on and on. And on and on! I wasn’t that impressed with the Terminators, but I’m sure they’ll be much stronger with some customization – as bog-standard Terminators their extra points pay for 1 extra attack and a better armor save and that’s it!

My Man of the Match: It’s a bit of a close call because no on really stood out in a huge way, but I’d have to go with Kharn – his 6 attacks per turn (7 on a charge) plus all his special rules (Hatred is awesome!) and the challenge rule really were impressive. Plus he gave all of his berzerker followers Hatred, which helped get a few extra wounds.

RULES WE MISSED/GOT WRONG: I can’t think of any, except not remembering how the Forgefiend could get un-immobilized. Luckily for me Shane remembered the double-the-Toughness rule when his Marines were hit by the Forgefiend.

Any comments from Shane are welcome!


6 thoughts on “Batrep: Blood Spectres v Chaos Space Marines!

  1. Hey guys,
    Still enjoying the battle reports, keep them coming. Its been nice seeing the army progressions too. Wanted to check a few things
    The Chaos Termies had the only weapon that doesn’t ignore the marines save but I suppose at least you were wounding on 2’s.
    Why in turn one could the Termies not charge after firing combi-bolters? Were they out of range?
    The Forgefiend can’t un-immobilized unless there is a war smith about I believe.
    Did Kharn kill any of his own troops by rolling 1’s?

    • Thanks, glad the batreps are getting read!

      This was my first time playing with the new CSM codex so there were bound to be some mistakes 🙂 Basically I’m gearing up for the Hammerfest battle coming up later in the month.

      The Chaos Termies were all equipped with combi-bolters, do those ignore saves? They couldn’t charge because the combi-bolters aren’t Assault weapons – I looked up terminator armor and combi-bolters in the books and couldn’t find anything about charging so I just left it so we could continue the game. I don’t think Kharn rolled any 1s, I did tell Shane about that rule so he could have shouted up as well 🙂 and luckily the Forgefiend was happy where he was, he had range and LoS on just about everything for plenty of shooting. Might need to get a Warpsmith!

  2. I wondered why the Termies didn’t assault too. I thought you had figured becuase they had fired they couldn’t also assault – but that only applies to rapid fire and heavy weapons I think?

    The fact that they don’t have a dedicated close combat weapon doesn’t stop them from assaulting, they just get to use their natural profile sans any benefit from a CCW, representing them using their fists and the butt of the gun etc. to bludgeon the opponent, I could be wrong though?

    • To assault after firing, the weapon has to have the Assault rule (in the Weapons section of the Big Red Book) – the Combi-Bolter (standard weapon for the Chaos Termies) doesn’t have that rule and I couldn’t find anything in the Chaos Terminator rules that allowed them to assault after firing, either. So I left it instead of rewinding what had already happened in the game – I’d wanted to fire and assault but when looking up the statline for the combi-bolter I realized there is no Assault rule for them. (Pistols have the Assault rule just for being pistols)

      We also found out that Chaos Termies (as well as BA Termies) don’t have Fearless! 🙂

  3. Hey frank,
    Not sure if you’ll go back this far on a thread, regarding the assault situation. In the Chaos codex in the armour section it list Terminator armour as having ‘Relentless.’ Anything with this rule may assault after using either a rapid fire or heavy weapon.
    This means that Terminators, Obliterators or even Chaos Bikes can fire a round and then go in hitting if they roll high this is part of the benefit of these better weapon platforms.
    As you say the combi-bolters don’t ignore marine saves but while the power mauls are ap4, every other close combat weapon they can choose has ap3 or better so would ignore the saves.
    Arming chaos termies is always a tricky little mini game in itself!
    Looking forward to the big game battle report and keep going with the blog!!!

    • Hmm well there’s something I had to learn! I didn’t even look at the Relentless rule, but I have now 🙂 and apparently they can fire heavy weapons after moving too! Thanks for that! Having never played MEQ’s before I have a bit to learn still…

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