HAMMERDOWN this Wednesday!

I get to play most weeks, which is great, but we’ve got a couple of players that need to get used to their armies and 6th edition!

So this week I’m sitting out the game and everyone else can bring 1000 points for a free-for-all battle!

This will serve as a tester for some of the things we’ll be doing for the Hammerfest, so here’s the rules:

  • 1000 point armies
  • Everyone against everyone, NO allies
  • A single 3-point objective will be in the middle of the table
  • Terrain will be laid out by me and kept secret until the players arrive
  • Deployment areas will be random
  • Slay the Warlord is in effect
  • First Blood point from each army (so one army could get 2 points for First Blood from 2 different armies)

Because the terrain and table will be set up when everyone gets here, we’ll look to get started with Turn 1 by 6:30

So get to work on your lists! Bring your dice , books and printed FAQs(!)!

I’ll take pictures and do the batrep – you guys Forge the Narrative!

*edit: I have changed the center objective from 5 points to 3, make it more exciting and mobile, plus there might be additional rules to keep things exciting!


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