Christmas Hammerfest!

Shane and I have been talking about doing a big battle sometime in December…what do you think of this:

  • Take a half-day Friday (Jack you might have to use some holiday time!)
  • Set up a 4×8 board with normal random terrain
  • 750 or 1000 point limit
  • Every army’s warlord gets a ‘flag’ marker worth 1 point
  • Roll for deployment and go!
  • The army with the most flags wins

If we start around 1 PM we should be able to finish by 5 easily, what do you guys think?


7 thoughts on “Christmas Hammerfest!

  1. Everyone loves presents and seeing as this will be more of a fun game than hardcore tactics, how about something like this…

    Randomly scatter (let’s say 3) Christmas presents on the battlefield and if a player is lucky enough to pick one up, they get to roll 1D6 on a table like;

    1 = +1 unit initiative
    2 = +1 unit toughness
    3 = +1 unit strength
    4 = unit can move extra 1D6
    5 = unit has 4+ feel no pain
    6 = unit has +1 wound

    The bonuses last the game and are not stackable so limit the presents to one per player (just in case some lucky git gets all the presents scatter in their deployment zone).

    Bit too mental…?

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