This is what I have for my BA/Vanilla Space Marine army so far:

2 x 10 marine tactical squad
2 x 10  marine assault squad
1 x 5 terminator assault squad
1 x 5 terminator squad
1 x dreadnought
1 x chapter master
5 x sanguinary guard


This will be the majority of my army, the only other troop type models I might get are another 5 terminators, 5 scouts and a couple of HQs.

Other than this I’ll be saving the pennies for dreadnoughts, tanks, speeders and drop pods. Don’t think I’ll bother with bikes.

Altogether I’m aiming for around 2500 points, making the whole army as flexible as possible.

Just for Frank’s benefit, i will be painting my army a similar scheme to the Relictor chapter but playing from the BA codex most of the time.

However, being Space Marines I might play from the Ultramarine or other codexes from time to time to mix it up. Either as allies or just all one codex. Kind of like your evil mongrel eldar chaos forces you play. You get me?! 🙂

This is all totally fine as long as I make up some fluff for my UltraBloodDarkCrimsonImperialSalamander… Angels. Simple.


One thought on “Progress

  1. Looking good! You might want to consider some Rhinos or a Land Raider or something – don’t be frightened off by lances, they’re much the same as Meltas or Lascannons.

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