Looking for old GW paint colors?

Here’s a bunch of conversion charts for

This one is for the old GW colors, based on the current colors from the company that actually used to make the GW paints (Coat d’Arms)

Here’s a mostly-complete conversion chart for Vallejo/Reaper/Privateer Press paints (Frank prefers these because of the dropper bottles), if you ever want to give them a try!

And while we’re at it, here’s a compiled list of how to make dozens of different types of washes to get any shades you want (recipes are by a pro painter and the guy who sold his recipes to Secret Weapon Miniatures). The first two or three recipes are the Badab Black/Nuln Oil and Devlan Mud equivalents. These are VERY easy to make, the hard part is simply buying the different ingredients. (if you ever want to try them out just talk to Frank)

To top things off, here’s how to make a wet palette, which will keep your paints from drying out even if you have to leave your models for days at a time!


One thought on “Looking for old GW paint colors?

  1. thanks for your efforts ! Im shire a lot of people can use this 🙂

    I tried the Sombre Grey from Valleyo as replacement for my shadow grey, but it looks…different. Only a little bit, but enough in my opinion. I have a small stock of my old color, but i suppose the time will come when its out ;(

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