BatRep: Blood Spectres versus Dark Eldar, part…something-or-other

Hammertime: 26th September

1000 points

Space Marine Relictors – Shane
1 squad of Assault Marines with Sanguinary Priest
Captain  (Warlord)
2 squads of Devastators
In Reserve: 1 squad of Assault Marines with Sanguinary Priest

Dark Eldar – Frank
Archon (Warlord), on a Raider with the Incubi
6 Incubi with 1 Klaivex
A SECOND Archon , on a Raider with the Incubi
6 Incubi with 1 Klaivex
10 Wyches on a Raider
10 Kabalite Warriors on a Raider

  • 4×6 table, tarmac board with large lake in middle
  • We chose to do the mission with a single 3-pt objective in each deployment zone (forget the name)
  • Random terrain density, it could be called ‘light’ density I think
  • Random Deployment: diagonal!
  • No Night Fighting
  • Dark Eldar won deployment roll and opted to go first

The Relictor commander surveyed the scene: the lake, with its island of strangely-shaped trees, looked murky, too dangerous to risk his troops to wade through. A scattering of trees might provide cover for his Devastators, but the Assault squads might be able to make use of the open terrain on the other side of the lake. The filthy, pointy-eared hell riders were bound to attack soon, so he started issuing commands… 


Dark Eldar deployed first:

These were the units on the Raiders:

Relictors deployed second:

with one Assault Marine squad in reserve:

Initiative NOT stolen! Dark Eldar go first!


The Raiders all move forward 12″, hoping to get some lucky shots with the Dark Lances.

Unfortunately, all miss or are saved!


The Relictors fire back, taking out two of the four Raiders! BOTH of the Archons are on foot now!

Chaos reigns as one of the Archons loses 3 of his Incubi, and he freaks out, rolling a paltry 11 on his Leadership test!

The Assault Marines jump forward, then assault on foot, hoping to take out the Raider loaded with the pesky Kabalite Warriors – only a few are able to get into assault range, so they can’t destroy the Raider outright, but they do immobilize it (I think).


The Archon Warlord gathers his Incubi together, rushing forward and getting a fantastic result on their Run test…then realize they’re not able to assault! Should have hung back a bit…

The Wych Raider moves 6″ and the Wyches disembark, while the second Archon and his remaining Incubi regain their senses and attempt to move into the trees for some cover from the missile attacks of the Devastator squads.

Shock horror! The Devastator squad on the ground rolls and amazing FOUR SIXES on their Overwatch roll, forcing the Wyches to retreat in chaos!

The second Archon and his Incubi have a good Run check and attempt to blend in with the trees, giving the Archon a better cover save than his pitiful armor save.



The second squad of Assault Marines arrive from Deep Strike, scattering badly, with four of the unit in the mysterious water!

They team up with their brethren Marines to blast at the Archon Warlord’s squad, taking out all but one Incubi! The Archon’s Shadowfield failed him on the very FIRST roll with a result of ‘1’!

(not pictured: the Devastators take out a couple of the Incubi hiding in the forest)



The Kabalites disembark and move around the wreck cars, firing their Rapid Fire poisoned guns on the Assault Marines – they take out 3 Marines, and the Marines make their Leadership test!

The Wyches at the red ruins are able to get their senses together, charge, have no Overwatch hits, and are beaten back after losing more sister Wyches! (forgot to do the close combat chasing thing here)

The Wych’s Raider, in the meantime, moves to provide cover for the surviving Archon, who moves behind hard cover for total protection from the Devastator squad in the red ruins.

With no other choices, the Kabalite Warriors assault the Assault Marines! They are able to take out one of them…



The Devastator squad on the ground in the ruins take out a couple more Wyches, forcing another Leadership test

The Assault Marines at the edge of the water move out, determined to kill another Dark Eldar Archon…but 2 of their unit members are stuck in the filthy bile and have to be left behind!

The Assault Marines kill off several more Kabalite Warriors, forcing them to flee for their lives!



The Kabalites move all the way to the small ruins, taking control of their objective for the first time!

The last remaining Wych gets her bearings yet again and bears down on the Devastator squad, who are down to 5 men after the last assault.

The final Raider is STILL unable to take out any Devastators! The Archon stays where he is…for now



The Assault Marines move forward, firing into the shabby ruins to attempt to take the objective…

…then they assault! With their Hammer of Wrath attack, they instantly kill 2 of the defenders!

The Wych has killed one of the Devastators, but they retaliate!

She kills TWO of the squad!

And the rest run away!

The Assault Marines, on the other hand, wipe out the Kabalites on the objective and are able to wrest control of the blood-spattered ruins!



The Archon, with his last Incubi defender gone, gathers up his reserves for a final warcry, rushing at the Assault Marines! He kills three before they bring him down, his Shadowfield failing (rolling a ‘1’!!) on the second roll to save!


The battle is over, except for the final Wych, which the Devastators are able to dispatch with ease – from a distance! The Assault Marines jump forward to secure the objective in the red ruins and that’s the game.


Relictors: 9 (6 points from objectives, 1 from First Blood, 1 from Slay the Warlord, 1 from Linebreaker)
Dark Eldar: 1 (Slay the Warlord)

THOUGHTS ON THE BATTLE from Frank: No major mistakes from me, apart from doing a Run with the Archon Warlord and then realizing I couldn’t assault (damn 5th edition rules!). I should have held him back at the right distance to force the Assault Marines to move forward but not quite make it the distance to assault and seen what happened. Other than that, some appalling die rolls on BOTH of the Archon’s Shadowfields (a ‘1’ result on the VERY FIRST ROLL on the warlord, and a ‘1’ on the SECOND ROLL with the second Archon!) killed them off far earlier than they should have died. Plus, Shane had that fantastic roll (four 6’s out of 5 Overwatch shots) that saved his Devastator squads!

My Unit of the Match: the Kabalite Warriors held their own as long as they could, and when they had to make a break for it they made their Leadership roll (an amazing 5 I think, their normal roll is 8 and they’d lost 3 I think?) to try to hold the objective.

RULES WE MISSED/GOT WRONG: Armor saves for dangerous terrain tests on the Assault Marines, and the ‘chase’ rule for failed assaults – the assaults would have ended much earlier, and badly, for the Dark Eldar.

Any comments from Shane are welcome!


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