BatRep: Blood Spectres versus Dark Eldar

Hammertime: 19th September

1000 points

Space Marine Relictors – Shane with David W
1 squad of Assault Marines with Sanguinary Priest
Captain  (Warlord)
2 squads of Devastators
In Reserve: 1 squad of Assault Marines with Sanguinary Priest

Dark Eldar – Frank
Archon (Warlord), on a Raider with the Incubi
8 Incubi with 1 Klaivex
2 x 9 Wyches on a Raider with Hekatrix
10 Kabalite Warriors on a Raider

  • 4×6 table, green meadow board split widthwise by a winding river
  • We chose to do the standard Scouring mission with 6 objective points worth 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1 randomly placed
  • Random terrain density
  • Deployment randomly rolled on long edges (Dawn of War, I think)
  • Forgot to roll for Night Fighting!
  • Relictors won deployment roll and opted to go first

The Relictor battle force awaited orders as they nervously watched the warp-entrance of the sharp-faceted Dark Eldar Raiders. Although many kilometers away, the Raiders could move fast, and the Marine force was only on foot. 

Captain Thorlos commanded his Devastator squads to dig in behind a ruined house as his lieutenants continued to peer into their locator screens for the ancient archaotech remnants he had been ordered to find. The forgotten pieces of tech were vital to securing this ball of rock, and he wasn’t about to go back to the fortress empty-handed…


Relictors deployed first:

The objectives on the Relictors side were: 3 points in the ruins to the far left, 4 points in the ruins in the middle, 1 point in the trees.

Dark Eldar deployed second:

The objectives on the Dark Eldar side were: 2 points in the large ruins at left, 3 points in the trees, 2 points next to the building to the right.

With Mandrakes using Infiltrate, they deployed in the large ruins:

Those damned pale-skinned devils had outwitted the Marines. Aided by the blinding speed of the Raiders, the Dark Eldar warlord had gained the upper hand and were moving into position far faster than Captain Thorlos had anticipated. He shouted into the comm-link for another unit of Assault Marines: “Get another squad of marines down here NOW!! We can’t wait forever!”

Initiative stolen! Dark Eldar go first!


Raiders all move 18″ so can’t fire, the Mandrakes move out of cover and assault the Assault Marines. With only 3 models in the unit they don’t kill anything are are wiped out in the Relictor’s return assault.


The Devastators knock out the Raiders moving up the Dark Eldar right flank, killing a few Wyches. The Wyches pass their pinning and leadership tests! The Relictors take a victory point for First Blood!

The Assault Marines move and fire on the Archon’s Raider, then assault it with krak grenades.

The Raider is destroyed, and the Archon and Incubi must face the Assault Marines…or the other way around!


Luckily, the Archon is able to kill a few of the Assault Marines on his go, and the Incubi finish off the rest.

(Not shown: the Wyches on the right flank attempt to charge, but roll 3 1’s to charge through difficult terrain! The Wych Raider on the left flank moves and takes a shot at the Relictor warlord, but he makes his save. The Raider full of Kabalite Warriors continues moving up the middle and unloads on the 6-man squad of Devastators – a big mistake was made by accidentally doubling the number of attack rolls, but about 80% of the rolls were made so there would have been a few wounds anyway.)


The Assault Marine successfully deep strike, right at the edge of the river!

The Devastators knock out most of the remaining Wyches on the Dark Eldar right flank.

(Not shown: the Devastators on the Relictor left flank immobilize the remaining Raider)


The Devastators are wiped out – I *think* this was done correctly, because of the Rapid Fire rule the Kabalite Warriors have). The Captain again dodges the Dark Lances!

The Wyches move out of cover while the Archon and Incubi move into it.


The Captain misses the Raider with his grenade, then the Assault Marines move up and assault the Kabalite Raider, which explodes, killing some of the Marines. The massive attack forces the Kabalite Warriors to run away!


The Wyches move forward and assault over difficult terrain, making the roll with ease. After killing a few of the Assault Marines, the Archon and his Incubi move in, killing a few more! The Devastators and Captain are unable to shoot into the combat.


The Priest moves in on the Kabalite Warriors, they succeed on their Leadership roll and take him down a Wound. Their Feel No Pain rolls save them from his 5 attacks and only 2 die.


The Archon and Incubi move in on their turn and kill the Priest, taking a victory point for Slay the Warlord.


The remaining Devastators are still holding their 3-point objective, but even after unloading 2 missiles and bolter, are unable to take out the Wyches holding the single -point objective!


With their captain dead, the remaining squad of Devastators cautiously retreat over the brow of a distant hill. The Archon nonchalantly wipes his boots on the cape of the dead captain and sheathes his huskblade as his Wyches congratulate themselves on their kills. The Klaivex and his surviving Incubi are reenacting the thrilling killing blows they performed on the lowly humans. Even the Kabalites next to him have taken off their helmets and are smiling to each other. All of his remaining troops are buzzing with fervor, after taking the lives of a good number of pesky Imperium marines. 

As he pulls out a communicator to command a webway portal to appear for the return trip to the Dark City, he ponders his own future – perhaps these warriors will be the start of his own army to take him to further glory. 


Relictors: 4 (3 points from objectives, 1 from First Blood)
Dark Eldar: 6 (4 points from objectives, 1 point from Slay the Warlord, 1 from Linebreaker)

THOUGHTS ON THE BATTLE from Frank: Forgetting to roll for night fighting was minimal, since by the time the Relictors were shooting I was already up close. Very happy to steal the initiative, I don’t think it would have mattered in this case because there were no enemy vehicles to worry about. Pretty disappointed I miscounted the broadsides from the Kabalite Warriors (accidentally doubled the shooting rolls for at least one attack), but the final attack that wiped them out definitely was 20 shots (from Rapid Fire), re-rolling misses (from the Raider’s Splinter Rack option). Iron Halo on the Captain was rock-hard to get through with dark lances, so it’s funny that the first wound that he took was when he assaulted the wimpy Kabalite Warriors! But he went down quick in assault, but he had no one to back him up.

I think Shane did really well tactically this game, no mistakes like we’ve seen before (trying to split fire or moving heavy weapons squads) – he’s comin’ up!

My Man of the Match: the Archon, what can anyone say against him? I’d like to try a 2-Archon battle force soon just to see how that goes.

RULES WE MISSED/GOT WRONG: The main one was the doubling of volleys from the Kabalite Warriors, but this was the first time we’d seen this in combat. Other than that I think we remembered everything.

Any comments from Shane are welcome!


4 thoughts on “BatRep: Blood Spectres versus Dark Eldar

  1. Really good game, my best yet (with some help from the Wrenster!). I think maybe a little less assault troops and a bit more shooty things to take down those incubi and archon ASAP might have been good.

    Main lessons from the game; twin linked and rapid fire are not the same thing (lol), and if I take sanguinary priests it’s always a good idea to actually use furious charge and feel no pain!

    Massive kudos to Frank on the terrain too, making some really cool stuff dude.

  2. Really enjoying reading about your groups games and projects, especially coming in at such a nice time as change over to 6th.
    As a fellow Dark Eldar player I would love to know some of the wargear that Frank is putting on his characters and troops, either in comments, on next report or maybe all do a piece about youtr thoughts on your armies so far? what you like and what your not sure on?
    One rules question from this battle, you mention the wyches fluffed an assault by rolling a triple 1, was Frank aware of his wyches fleet rule so that he could’ve re-rolled charge distance dice?

    • I can’t remember if I rolled twice for the Wyches, maybe I was in too much shock from 3 1’s! 🙂 I know I mentioned Fleet a few times, because I ended up doing all my charges through difficult terrain – the assault from that particular group of Wyches was desperate though, because they’d lost their transport and had nowhere else to go. I should have moved them back as soon as their Raider was gone though, I might have been able to get the 2 or 3 point objective as a ‘just in case’ thing, it might have distracted the Assault Marines coming in on the deep strike.

      As for wargear, my Archon is only equipped with the Huskblade (AP2, instant death from the latest FAQ) and Shadowfield (2+ invulnerable until a 1 is rolled). Raiders were fitted with flickerfields (5+ cover save) in case they were immobilized or didn’t move, otherwise I tried to move them as much as possible. The Kabalites’ Raider had Splinter cannons to let them reroll misses, but I goofed that up at least once! The Kabalites didn’t have any blasters or lances – I should probably start doing that just in case. The Wyches had just razornet and impaler but the one equipped with that didn’t actually get into B2B contact with anything.

    • Yeah we still miss some rules here and there but in recent games I have been doing the rerolls properly I think!

      I’m not usually adding sergeant type models to units like Wyches but recently I have tried Hekatrixes with plasma grenades and agonizers – the grenades prevent the extra attack from assaults and the agonizer is an AP 2 power weapon, which is great against MEQs.

      For the Archon I usually go with Huskblade (AP 2 Instant Kill), Shadowfield (2++ save) and Plasma Grenades, but the last 3 Archon I’ve had have rolled 1 on their very first save roll, which makes the Shadowfield go away permanently 😦

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