Terrain to be completed soon!

That plain white large ruined building and the pink-brick small ruins are no more! They will be painted very soon, hopefully this week.

Actually the small ruins look the same still, but the big building and the 2 homemade craters I’ve had for a while now look very different:


The screen is there just to prove the time the picture was taken for the Oath thread I mentioned before. But with the paper mache’ in place plus some small rocks (and other bits you might be able to see!) the terrain already looks awesome – they’ll be much cooler-looking when they’re painted up!


7 thoughts on “Terrain to be completed soon!

  1. Looking really good. I forgot how good paper mashe’ can look once it’s dry and painted. So easy to work with as well and cheap! 🙂

  2. I’ve been refining the terrain in this picture also: different sand for a different texture in parts, and the small ruins are mostly painted now! They’ll all be painted by next week

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