Instant Mold + Green Stuff = Win!

The model on the left had a missing axed, which was replicated (to a decent enough standard) with the help of Instant Mold.


Most of my models are bought used on eBay, and the ten Khorne Berzerkers I’ve been working on had a few broken pieces. Two of the models had broken axes and one of them had a broken backpack extension. I could find the backpack piece and one of the axes, but one of the axes was lost somewhere.

I decided to use Instant Mold and Green Stuff to replicate the missing piece.

Instant Mold is a clear plastic material that softens to a chewing gum-like texture in hot water – place the soft Instant Mold around the thing you want to mold, let it harden, then cut it from around the item. This creates your two-piece mold, allowing you to recreate just about any complex item. Then you mix up Green Stuff or Milliput, put it in the mold and squeeze the Instant Mold mold halves together and let the material harden. Here’s a video of how it works, and a lot more videos of what you can make with it. Instant Mold is just a few quid for several sticks on eBay or modeling sites.

So I molded the axe, let the Green Stuff harden and used medium thickness CA (super glue) to attach it to the guy with the empty hand. The GS is a bit flexible right now, so hopefully it provides enough give if the figure is dropped or handled roughly.

Now I’ve just got to finish painting the axe and then my first group of Khorne Berzerkers will be finished 🙂


One thought on “Instant Mold + Green Stuff = Win!

  1. The instant mold & green stuff looks awesome! Think I’ll have to get some myself to fill out my long fang squad with missile launchers as the conevtional ones seem to be hard to come by!

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