Work in progress: Space Wolves

It’s been about 10 years since I last played a Games Workshop game; with the recent release of the 6th Edition of Warhammer 40K it seemed like a good time to get back into the hobby.

Previously I had a small Dark Angels force, but this time around fancied a change (also we already have a Dark Angels army in the group). I always liked the look of Space Wolves and after picking up the codex and reading about the cool characters and special rules they have – I made the decision to embrace my inner wolf! Hooowwwwwwll!

I bought a starter set of paints along with the space wolves troop box – these will become the backbone of the army as grey hunters. They are now glued together and undercoated ready for painting.

When they are finished I’ll need to buy another box of grey hunters and an HQ or two, then I can start looking at the more exciting options like Long Fangs, Dreadnoughts and tanks!


3 thoughts on “Work in progress: Space Wolves

  1. I agree the Space Wolves look bad a**. Nice to have you back in the hobby and will look forward to seeing what you remember of painting.
    Ps starting with Codex, starter paints and a troops choice…… very proud, hehe
    pps your Dark Angels from the past curse your dice for turning to the Space Wolf side

  2. Cheers Frank I was definitely going all out space viking!

    Wiggy: I could write what I remember about painting on the back of a postage stamp! Plus I think I was doing it wrong back then anyway! From the look of your painting skills I’ll be bringing my models and paints down to yours for some tips ASAP!

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