House Rules

OK, the idea of this post is to keep track of the house rules we might have to come up with as we play – with the thinking that these are considered ‘official’ for us until they are FAQ’d and explained, or we decide to change them, etc.

So to start with:

  1. Your army has to have been painted, assembled or some way improved upon since they last appeared on the board, until your army is finished (where ‘finished’ is whatever level of completeness you’re happy with) – basically this is to encourage everyone to paint up their guys so eventually we all have fully painted armies.

That’s pretty much it!

I’m sure we’ll come up with various actual gameplay houserules, since there aren’t many of us who have played previous editions, but that’s to come.

Other rules for consideration (let the rest of us know what you think):

  1. Every member of the group has to supply one piece of terrain for everyone to share. Buy it, make it, whatever, just something unique that adds your own personality to the game board.

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