David B – Necron Army

I thought i’d start myself with a “work in progress” post.

Not having played in a long time I had two armies gathering dust in the spare room. Dark Eldar, now Franks, and Tau. To be honest I’d not played with either much before all my mates went off to far off uni’s, they got put away and I didn’t really have a feel of either.

After the first few practice matches and picking up and remembering all the rules, 6th edition made its big entrance and i’ve been busy trying to soak up the new feel for 40K from the rulebook.

The Tau however, have not got the creative blood flowing 😦 and I really didn’t feel like painting it all up to not enjoy playing with them.

Sooooooo a few old Games Workshop board games on ebay later……..


A new Necron army is born! It contains the Battleforce Starter Set plus 1 x box of warriors, 1 x box of wraiths, 1 x Spyder, 1 x Overlord and 2 x Crypteks. I also have a Catacomb Barge and a box of Preatorians on the way! Should be about 1000-1200 points maybe. I’ve not counted it all up yet.

In the spirit of making progress in-between each battle I’ll do build updates as it gets done.

So far I have the Spyder built…..


……and have started on the Necron Warrior and Scarab squads….


I tend to paint up a couple of a type of model to get a feel for the scheme and painting techniques used. As you can see above these are my first and only “finished” pieces so far. I can get onto the serious business of building the rest so I can play it and then painting as we get further in!

Shiney! 🙂


One thought on “David B – Necron Army

  1. Very cool, David! So far the models look great, can’t wait to see them all painted up. I’ve been watching the Necron batreps on miniwargaming.com just to see what the various units can do…should be interesting…

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