BatRep: Dark Angels versus Dark Eldar!

Hammertime: 23rd August

1500 points each, with:

Dark Angel – Jack
2 10-man squads of normal troops
2 5-man squads of Terminators, 1 with Librarian, 1 with Chaplain
1 10-man squad of Assault Marines
1 Whirlwind
1 Land Speeder

Dark Eldar with Chaos Space Marine allies- Frank
Archon (warlord), on a Raider with the Incubi
8 Incubi with 1 Klaivex
10 Wyches on a Raider
10 Reavers
5 Scourges
Chaos Lord, in a Rhino with the Khorne Berzerkers
9 Khorne Berzerkers in a Rhino
10 Khorne Berzerkers in a Rhino

4×6 table, open meadow with craters, trees and ponds
Random mission: kill points only, no objectives
No Night Fighting (we forgot to roll)

Because we took pictures at the end of nearly every turn, we’ll let the pictures do most of the talking!

Dark Angels v Dark Eldar, deployment
The table looks totally different with the green felt instead of the black & grey tarmac board!


Dark Angels v Dark Eldar, deployment, opposite view.
The green looks great, expect some other alternate colors soon (desert tan and snowy white)


Dark Angels v Dark Eldar, deployment, alternate view


Dark Angel Snipers deploy into mysterious terrain! The woods turn out to be Ironwood trees, improving cover for anyone within.


Dark Eldar reserve forces (top) and units in transports (foreground) – Dark Angel had a Librarian, Chaplain and 2 squads of 4 terminators each in reserve.


Turn 1 – end of Dark Eldar turn – Moving up, Chaos Rhinos going through the middle and Dark Eldar Raiders moving on the flanks. No hits from the Dark Lances on the Raiders, no hits from the Rhino on the Snipers in the trees.


Turn 1 – end of Dark Angel turn – Dark Angel missiles from the Land Speeder and ground troops wreck the Raider carrying 10 Wyches, the Wyches must move on foot. They pass their pinning test and prepare to assault!


Turn 1 – end of Dark Angel turn – the Chaos Rhino explodes, forcing the Khorne Berzerkers within to huddle for cover in the smoking ruins of their Rhino! (we forgot to roll for explosion distance)


Turn 2 – end of Dark Eldar turn – the other Chaos Rhino is stuck in the stupid crater! Normal movement was fine, but tried moving in the shooting phase, rolled a 1 and got stuck, which meant no shooting from within and no disembarking from the troops inside!


Turn 2 – end of Dark Eldar turn – Two squads of 5 Reavers each have arrived from reserves! They make a swooping attack with their bladevanes while turbo-boosting, however only kill one Assault Marine. The Khorne Berzerkers in the first Rhino are able successfully move into the Ironwood trees, wiping out the Dark Angel Snipers in the first round of combat.


Turn 2 – end of Dark Eldar turn – The Wyches at the end of the board successfully moved, ran and then assaulted the Land Speeder with Haywire Grenades, but only caused 1 point of hull damage! What a terrible roll!


Turn 2 – end of Dark Angel turn – only one unit of terminators has been able to Deep Strike, but the Whirlwind, Terminators, regular Marines and Assault Marines have completely wiped out the Reavers…


Meanwhile, the Wyches were destroyed and the Land Speeder takes aim with its rockets


Turn 2 – end of Dark Angel turn – the HQ Raider carrying the Dark Eldar Archon (Warlord) and 9 Incubi (including the Klaivex (sergeant)) is wrecked, so the Dark Eldar must disembark immediately.


The state of the battlefield after turn 2.


Turn 3 – end of Dark Eldar turn – The Scourges arrive from reserves and Deep Strike! With 12 shots from Splinter Carbines, they are able to take out 1 Terminator. The Archon and his Incubi retinue assault the Space Marine troops in the crater, taking out a few in the first round of close combat. The Khorne Berzerkers from the stuck Rhino move out and prepare to attack!


Turn 3 – end of Dark Angels turn – All but one of the Dark Angel troops is gone, and another Terminator has been killed, but the Archon stands alone, down to a single wound… Off-camera, the Dark Angel Assault Marines have managed to kill off the other squad of Khorne Berzerkers, and the remaining Terminators have done a Deep Strike! The Librarian attempted a psyker attack, which the Scourges rolled a 6 against, nullifying it, but firing on the Scourges reduced them from 5 to 2, forcing them to fall back.


Turn 4 – end of Dark Eldar turn – …but then the Khorne Berzerkers move in, waiting to satisfy their bloodlust!


Turn 4 – end of Dark Eldar turn – The Scourges have managed to regroup and fire on the Assault Marines without hitting, and the Rhino is still stuck.


Unbelievable to wound roll for the Berzerkers. Look at those 1’s and 2’s. 4+ to wound!


Turn 4 – end of Dark Angel turn – Another Terminator has fallen, but the Dark Angel Chaplain is unable to cause any wounds to the Archon, thanks to the Dark Eldar’s Ghostplate Armor. The Assault Marines seize their chance to assault, while the second squad of Terminators is moving in!


Turn 5 – end of turn – The Archon still stands, however he is unable to take down the Chaplain while Khorne Berzerkers continue to die all around.


Start of turn 6 – the die is cast…the battle is over. The Archon is the last surviving Dark Eldar unit.


The state of the battlefield at the end of combat.


The state of the battlefield at the end of combat, opposite view. (dead piles in foreground)

In the end, the victory points were roughly:

Dark Angels: 7 or 8 (first blood, warlord kill, units killed)
Dark Eldar: 2 (units killed)

Thoughts on the battle from Frank: Did much better in this game than usual against Jack, but I think various units let me down, especially the Reavers, who only killed one Assault Marine before being completely wiped out. Finally got to assault a vehicle with Wyches and got a hull point, but for 10 Wyches and Raider to get a single hull point is pretty disappointing. The Khorne Berzerkers did a great job, at least the squad from the stuck Rhino – they held up a squad of Terminators and occupied a total of 3 units. Scourges…meh, they only took out one Terminator before being run off by the other Terminator squad. My Man of the Match was the Archon as usual – with his usual armament of Agonizer power whip and Ghostplate Armor he was nigh-unstoppable. The Incubi did a great job as well!

Jack, do you want to pipe up with your thoughts in the comments?


One thought on “BatRep: Dark Angels versus Dark Eldar!

  1. Yup, (just joining the fun!).

    First things first… 12 V points thanks Frank!

    But really enjoyed the game and the margin of victory completely masks what was a good game marred only by some abysmal rolling by Frank (as evidenced by the above pics!).

    My thoughts on the evil chaos/eldar union: Archon as always seems immense, Khorne Beserkers are nasty nasty nasty but the dark eldar remain too flimsy, with pants strength and toughness.

    From a Dark Angels PoView:

    Machine of the round – Whirlwind – dirt cheap and put some nice big holes in Franks Army (especially the reavers). It should be noted Frank was agonisingly close to killing it (rolling a 5 not a 6 on the pen chart).

    Weakest link – probably the Chaplain – re-rolls on the first round of combat are nice, but hes not that impressive for his points cost (over 100), would have been better off taking a dreadnought probably.

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