WIP: Dreadnought and Khorne Berzerkers

Some pictures of the Chaos Khorne Berzerkers and Dreadnought I’m painting up for the Oath thread on SomethingAwful.com

Primed with Army Painter black, the Berzerkers are based with GW Khorne Red (base) and the single greave on each one is done with the darker of the GW yellow base color. The Dreadnought is painted with Vallejo Bloody Red and the same GW yellow base.

The three Berzerkers in front need a little work, bits have broken off and one axe needs to be replicated with Instant Mold and Green Stuff.

This guy will have the torso and arms magnetized, I’ll need to get some big magnets to hold those arms in place! The gunmetal drybrushing over the black primer came out better than expected.

The idea of the Oath thread is that you promise you’ll paint a certain number of models at the start of the month, and you earn points for each one painted, whether it’s based, whether you’ve added extra credit parts to it, etc. – and then sponsors like Battle Foam and Secret Weapon Miniatures give the judges various prizes to hand out to the best paint jobs and I think as random prizes too. It’s a cool way to get stuff painted, because you can see all the WIPs from other people in the thread.


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