The Birth of Hammertime 40K

Well here it is, folks, the start of a place to record our triumphs, failures and epic conquests: Hammertime 40K.

What I’ll try to do is take photos of every battle we have and do at least a short battle report, maybe even with some ‘fluff’ or flavour text to help us get in the mood.

In posts to come I’ll cover the basic ‘rules’ we’ve got (there’s only a couple, really), how we’re going to work the Planetary Empires campaign that’s to come, and other stuff. Then most or all of the follow-up posts will be battle reports or just pictures of works in progress (WIP) and sharing other cool stuff from 40K sites.

I’ll also figure out how to add a calendar thing or some widget at the side of the blog page to keep track of who’s in the next battle – this will be especially helpful when we start doing the proper campaign!

Everyone will be able to make posts, if you want, I think all you’d have to do is register a WordPress account.

Until the next battle, keep painting!


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