Adding posts and pictures

I think no one else but me has a WordPress account, and I think for anyone else to post stuff you’ll need a WordPress account – don’t worry about that though, if you want to post anything it’s basically like signing up for a web forum. If anyone is interested just let me know and we’ll go through the process together so I’ll know how to help out the next person.

As for adding pictures, the easiest way I’ve found to do this (if you don’t already have a Flickr, Picasawebs, Smugmug or Photobucket account) is to use, which is a free photo hosting site that gives you a super-easy way to share pictures. You can sign up there as well to be able to organize you pictures into albums (as well as be able to find them again), but this isn’t required – you can literally go to that site, upload a picture and provide a link for the picture within a minute or so. Then the link can be put in a post, forum post, whatever.

So here’s how to use imgur to put pictures on the site:

  1. simply go to the site and drag-and-drop any image onto the site where it says ‘drag image here’
  2. Then click on the image you’ve uploaded, and a little window will pop up with various code options
  3. Under the code and above the sample picture is a drop-down box saying ‘Original Image’ – click this and select ‘Large Thumbnail’
  4. Find the code bit that is labelled ‘HTML Image (websites / blogs)’ and double-click on the code and press Control-C to copy the code
  5. When you’re making your blog post, select ‘Text’ at the top right of the typing window and paste in the code where you need to
  6. Click the ‘Visual’ tab to make sure the picture is where you want it, if not, click and drag it where you need it. Centering the picture usually helps it look better too.

So yeah it might sound ‘complicated’ but do it once or twice and you’ll get the hang of it.

And like I said, if you make an account on imgur you can sort all your photos into different albums, which makes them easy to find.


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